Tam ice fishing

This is the OLD website of Tam Linsey – author, gardener, cook, urban homesteader, parent, and GMO labeling advocate living in the Last Frontier. I’ve left this site active because I get a lot of visitors who want to see my older posts. Please look around, and don’t forget to visit my main site for current updates!

Born and raised in Alaska, I use the long dark winters to nurture my love for reading and learning. I blog about many things, from brewing beer to creating fictional characters. My main focus seems to be food in one way or another, and a category I call The Lost Arts, which is self-sufficiency related.

I attended Willamette University and earned a Bachelor of Science in English. (I still think that’s funny.) I began writing my first novel as my senior thesis. Maybe someday I’ll rewrite that ugly thing and publish it.

After college graduation, I convinced my husband to move back to Alaska, had two children, bought a house, became a Certified Master Gardener, and began the challenge of gardening and farming in the High North.

When I’m not writing, you can find me either outside, weeding the garden, fishing the river for salmon, stalking the woods for moose, or inside canning or cooking while listening to my favorite audio books. I currently live in Chugiak, Alaska with my husband, two children, and our house bunny, Abigail.Abby