Breakup Contest Open for Entries

My local RWA Chapter is holding a contest. An awesome contest. One I want to promote here for any writers seeking some great feedback. All the judges are trained, and many of them are published authors. Entrants receive critique notes from at least three of them.

The top three entries will be read by Liz Pelletier at Entangled Publishing, who will be the final judge. The winner then gets a critique by NYT Bestselling author, Cherry Adair!

Author Cherry Adair

Author Cherry Adair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Enter your best black moment, all-is-lost, or break-up scene. Show the moment your characters face their darkest fear, lose all hope, or dig deep for answers. Thrill us. Make us cry. Make us long for your characters to find their happy ending.

All the details about how to enter can be found at

The entry deadline is May 1. We can’t wait to read your black moment or break-up scene!


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