The Lucky Seven

Now that I’m over the flu, it’s time to respond to some lovely blog awards I’ve been nominated for (well, they’re more like tags than awards, but we’ll call them awards!) Sabrina Garie nominated me for the Lucky Seven, which is a fun chance to post an excerpt from the middle of a manuscript rather than the standard first pages.

For the Lucky Seven, the blogger posts seven sentences starting at the seventh line on the seventy-seventh page of their manuscript. They then tag seven other blogger buddies to do the same.

If you read my five page excerpt of Botanicaust, you’ll know enough about Tula and Jo Boy to figure out what might have happened here. But I’ll also warn readers – it’s a bit of a spoiler if you plan to read the book when it’s published!

Minutes after Tula found the girls, Burn Operatives located Jo Boy stumbling drunkenly across the Burn. He had refused to come peaceably. The Ops had followed procedure and taken him down.
Tula kept picturing the blackened body in Bats’ arms.
The shock of it all made her numb.
At least the girls were alive. Barely.

So, thumbs up or thumbs down on the snippet? Not much to go on, is there?

I’d like to pass the nomination for the Lucky Seven on to these fellow AKRWA writers and bloggers:   Jennifer Bernard, Maxine Mansfield, Morgan Q. O’Reilly, Lizbeth Selvig, Tiffinie Helmer, and Tielle St. Clare. I hope you choose to play along!


14 thoughts on “The Lucky Seven

  1. Peter Paul Morgan

    Tam: as you know, my book has words but no pages. If you would tell me what “th” word, (eg, the 18234th word) kicked off your luckky seven, I;ll have a grab at my seven sentences.
    Your “pick” gave a hint of plot & actors and conveyed scary mood
    Peter Morgan.

    1. Tam Linsey Post author

      Peter, you’re going to make me work, here! 🙂 This selection started on word 20,831 of my manuscript. I’d love to see your seven sentences!


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