Living in the Real World

As a writer, it is all too easy to get lost in my own head. Especially when I’ve set myself goals like I have for this month. But on Saturday, I got out into the real world — 4-wheeling in the mountains behind Gunsight Mountain. Yep, that’s me, getting muddy. We had a blast and rode a total of 21 miles up hills and through the muck and crossing streams. The wide expanses make me appreciate Alaska, but the trails themselves were surprisingly busy. We passed or were passed by several other groups enjoying the same area.

Here it is Monday, and I’m back into the writing groove. For those of you following my Writemotivation for July, I am continuing edits on Botanicaust, which feels like it will never end. I am also almost ready to release my Gluten Free Cookbook. The title is You Can Eat This! — look for a post later this week.

For now, I’m still savoring the scent of the outdoors. I guess in that way I’m back to living in my own head. Except I have the muddy clothes to prove it was real.


6 thoughts on “Living in the Real World

    1. Tam Linsey Post author

      Sorry to hear that, DeNise. Try to remember that our writing world comes out of our real world, and keep your senses open to new ideas. Then, when you have time to write again, you will have new things to use. *hugs* That’s the best I can offer.


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