#Writemotivation Update

What I’ve been harvesting:

Well, the Kenai dipnetting trip was a success – 32 salmon in a few hours, then home to clean, freeze, can, and smoke them. You’ll have to take my word for it – as usual, I was too busy to take photos. I did manage to snap a photo of the wonderful lake we camped at along the way.

The chickens are all butchered, the garden is watered (thank you Mother Nature!) and the broccoli has been harvested.

What I’ve been writing:

Maybe some of you noticed the slight change in my website. I swapped out themes to allow me to have multiple columns. Let me know what you think. I know many of you enjoyed the aesthetics of the old theme, and I tried to maintain the look.

My list for #writemotivation in July is almost all checked off!

1. Finish edits on Botanicaust and send it for proofreading. I hit send to my editor a few minutes ago. We’re on the home stretch!
2. Complete my gluten free cookbook and format for self-publishing. Ta-da! All done! That feels good to cross off.
3. Publish GF cookbook, You Can Eat This! on Amazon. Check! Woo hoo!
4. Finalize cover for Botanicaust. I’ve decided I need a tagline on the front. Working on it.
5. Finalize book trailer for Botanicaust I will have to do this while I’m in Anaheim at the RWA National Conference, I think.
6. Create Amazon Author Page. Done! Come visit!

I also created a Tam Linsey Goodreads Author Page, on the advice of my friend, Susan Cartwright. Her book, Wolf Dawn, is free on Amazon July 23-27, 2012.

I now need to make my list to pack for RWA Nationals. Anyone else out there going? I’d love to meet up and say howdy!

What I’ve been crocheting:

While I listened to my computer read my final edit on Botanicaust (horrible computer voice, but you’d be surprised at how many issues I catch listening which my editing eyes missed,) I worked on the blouse from the cover of Austentatious Crochet. The book was a gift from my dear writer friend, Morgan O’Reilly. I’m making the blouse with blue crochet thread rather than purple, and the gauge is a little thinner, so it will be more lacy looking, but hopefully it will be as lovely as the one in the book.

Until next time!


14 thoughts on “#Writemotivation Update

  1. Rebekah Loper

    You’ve kicked butt this month! I feel like such an under-achiever looking at your list, lol!

    I may need to pick your brain sometime in the next year about butchering chickens, hubby and I are hoping to get some this fall *crosses fingers*, or next spring at the latest. Whenever we can afford to put a coop and pen together, lol.

    1. Tam Linsey Post author

      You’ve accomplished some awesomeness this month, too! I love how you keep up on your devotionals, not to mention your #writemotivation and #writemehealthy. Plus, settling into a new house takes a lot of time and effort.

      That is great you have the option to raise chickens at your new house! And I’m happy to pass on whatever knowledge I can. I must admit, my meat chicken coop isn’t a palace — its a 4’x8′ box made of plywood with a sheet of metal for the roof. I can open either end fully, and the birds have access to a 20’x20′ yard via a 12″ hole cut in the widest side. But it’s not pretty.

      Fingers crossed for chickens for you!

  2. Jamie Dement (LadyJai)

    Wow, aren’t you the homesteader! 🙂 Fishing (ew, been there, done that, all fished out). Butchering and gardening! WOW! I just find myself not having the energy to keep up with the weeds in my rose bed! I’m horrible. Plus, it’s been so HOT and HOT zaps the energy out of me. And crocheting! Wow! cool!

    Hey, I never thought about the computer reading my stuff out loud! That’s kinda cool! 🙂

    Congrats on marking your items off the list! YAY! *showers you with warm chocolate chip cookies*

    1. Tam Linsey Post author

      *Opens mouth to catch cookies* Thanks, Jamie 🙂 And just because I garden, does not mean I keep up on weeds, lol! I have the opposite problem from heat keeping me out of the garden. If we reach 70˚F we are having a scorcher.

  3. Melodie

    I’ve heard the reds are good this year in Kenai. We live in Mat-Su – will dipnet in Fish Creek bc we lack the time to get down to Kenai this year.

    1. Tam Linsey Post author

      Right on! I’ve dipped there in years past – took a canoe through the tunnel under the road. When they shut down the subsistence fishery a few years back, we switched to Kenai. Now it is an annual camping trip before we hit the river.

      I’m glad the numbers in Fish Creek have risen back up to allow dipnetting. Best of luck at bringing in your harvest!

  4. valerierlawson

    fantastic work this month! and what a great idea to have a computer read your work for you to catch mistakes. may have to try that. by the way, i’m just amazed by anyone who can do all of the self-sustaining things. my folks have a huge garden and have just started raising chicken this year. my step-mom makes her own soap and jam – from the wild blackberries on their property most of the time – and has just started learning to make her own cheese. i can toast a bagel without setting the house on fire.

    1. Tam Linsey Post author

      ROFL Val! I have not attempted to make cheese or soap … not yet anyway. I took up this writing thing that consumes all my attention 🙂 I came back from RWA Nationals and found zucchini the size of small children on my plants. And this year I have no large livestock to feed them to. Ah, well, maybe the chickens will eat them. Thanks for stopping by!


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