Cover Reveal

Drum roll, please …

Thank you to everyone at RWA Nationals in Anaheim who voiced their honest opinion and helped me modify my original cover during the week of the conference. I’m excited to be so close to publication!

While I was gone, the garden went crazy. The dill is flowering, well over my head, rather like the amarantox in Botanicaust, now that I think of it. Zucchini the size of small children are lurking beneath the leaves. And robins have cannibalized my strawberries (I wish they would eat the whole berry instead of half before moving on to the next morsel!) But I now have ripe tomatoes and juicy cucumbers, and the apples are plumping up on the trees. As soon as I do my allotment of proofreading edits, I’ll give a little love to all my plants.

Botanicaust will be released at the end of the month, so watch for it. And I got some hopeful news yesterday – my favorite Indie author (big name, but I don’t want to jinx it by telling you) agreed to read and give me a cover blurb! I’m so excited, I can hardly breathe.

Until next time, keep your fingers on the keyboard!


12 thoughts on “Cover Reveal

  1. Peter Paul Morgan

    Tam: Botanicaust cover is a grabber! Summers above the 52nd must be overstuffed with energy and you are serving up an invigorating dish! Very motivating to all, even the class of ’27. I’m trying to send 9.6k of my magnum opus (222K) for crit, but so far I can’t get the site to read my MSWord file.
    Peter Paul Morgan (Thunder and Rainbow)

    1. Tam Linsey Post author

      Thank, Peter! I’ve been too busy to visit much lately, or the crit site I like, but I found when I was putting selections up, I had very few readers if I went over 5K per post. Just a thought. People don’t want to commit to big bites until they know they like your stuff. I’m glad to hear you are working on T&R!

    1. Tam Linsey Post author

      You have been an awesome crit partner through all of this, Maxine! Thanks! Oh, and my DH is reading yours and “taking notes” as he says! lol! Hot stuff!

  2. Robin

    Looks great! Congratulations. Glad you had a successful conference and I’m looking forward to reading your book!


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