Botanicaust Proofs Are Here!

Chapter Twenty-five

I received the paperback proof for Botanicaust. *Gulp*

I approved it for publication. *Bigger gulp*

The paperback version should be available on Amazon next week, and the Kindle version is available NOW. *Fainting spell*

I can’t believe I’m holding a copy!

Holding a physical copy of the book in my hands is amazing. And opening it up on my Kindle is pretty awesome, too. For those of you with Nook or Kobo or Sony eReaders, Smashwords has the ePub format available. The digital book should be available at Barnes and Noble etc. next week, as well. Smashwords allows me to offer digital versions of the book to libraries for free, and two libraries have already picked it up.

Section breaks

I spent a lot of time formatting the inside of the book to look as good as the outside. My chapter headings and section breaks have small graphics. The artistry of the book as a whole has been very gratifying work.

If you get a chance, please stop by Amazon or one of the other retailers and “like” Botanicaust, leave tags, buy a copy – or best yet, read it and leave a review.

What I’m harvesting and cooking:

I’ve been formatting and publishing a book. The garden is obscured by weeds, and the family tells me they are starving. Buy a copy of Botanicaust so I can order them pizza delivery – lol!

What I’m reading:

While formatting, I’m still listening to The Lies of Locke Lamorra. I love audio-books. Anyone have suggestions about self-publishing Botanicaust on audio?


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