The Book Boost

I wanted to let everyone know I am a guest blogger at The Book Boost today, so stop on over and say hi! You may even win a copy of Botanicaust 🙂

I’ll be on the road to Fairbanks, AK much of the day, so if I don’t get back to comments right away, pray I’m not broken down somewhere in Denali. (Really. Our truck has 212K miles on it. And we’re hauling a 4-wheeler to go moose hunting.) I’ll log on and respond as soon as we have Internet again.

Oh, and if you are in the Fairbanks area on Thursday, don’t forget I’ll be at Gulliver’s Books from 6-8pm!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!


4 thoughts on “The Book Boost

  1. Peter Paul Morgan

    Hey Tam! I’m your 84 & 5/6 yr old friend & fellow author . Keep soaring!
    “And they sing above all the rooms of the earth, even above those adorned with mirrors of gold” –quote from Baha’i history.


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