Grandma’s Cooking

My grandma was my inspiration for cooking and baking. She was always creating new recipes, some for people with allergies, some with new food items she’d discovered, and always with a discerning palette. Several of the recipes in my cookbook originated from recipes she developed.

Grandma no longer cooks. She lives in a single room in a retirement community where her meals are provided. But I was delighted to receive this photo of her reading my cookbook.

Grandma reading You Can Eat ThisThank you, Grandma, for your love, support, and encouragement!

Do you have someone who inspires you to cook?

5 thoughts on “Grandma’s Cooking

  1. DeNise

    Tam, How wonderful to have an adventurous cook to look up to. And a grandmother, to boot. As much as I love to cook it has been trial and error for the most part. My mom’s traditional southern cooking and a few things picked up along the way. Gram taught me gardening. She was all things plant- ornamental and food. For that I’m eternally grateful.

    1. Tam Linsey Post author

      That is wonderful you had some guidance gardening. I picked a few beans with my Grandpa, but other than that, I learned on my own. I think Southern cooking is wonderful.

  2. tmso

    That’s amazing! Love the picture. I am sure you are so proud, not only that she’s reading your book, but that you are part of just a great cooking heritage.

    I guess my mom and sister inspire me to cook, though the results are not their fault. They are both great at cooking and baking. I can’t do either very well, but I’m a good eater!

    1. Tam Linsey Post author

      Every cook needs a good eater, or two! My grandma actually self-published a few cookbooks back in the 70’s – old time folded and stapled in the center deals. She sold them fairly well. She loves that mine has full-color photographs. Boy, has self-publishing come a long way!

      1. tmso

        Yup! But those old ones are great, too. Really gives you a sense of a different time. Nothing like seeing how are eating patterns change.

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