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What’s in YOUR Food?

Today I’m at Romancing the Genres talking about my passion. I love to garden, I love to cook, and I love to eat. My novel, Botanicaust, is about about a future world where these things are taken away. Taken by a rogue genetic manipulation (GMO) that devastates food crops across the globe, and leaves humanity struggling for survival.

You might think this means I am anti-genetically modified organisms. I’m not. READ MORE HERE

Spring is Coming. Really

My last post talked about grasping for a taste of summer by making strawberry liqueur. Here is a photo of my tomato (and other) seedlings as we wait for spring.

It’s good there’s no gardening to be done yet outside, because I’m focused on my writing right now. My #WriteMotivation goals are on track, with a total of 7K words written so far on my next novel (plus a short story which is poking me for attention), my critiques for fellow writers done, and my chapters-to-date compiled for my beta readers.

In another month, there will still be snow, but the greenhouse will be cleared and I will be tending cutting lettuce and my other transplants within. And six weeks from now, I will be repairing garden beds, turning soil, and spreading cool weather seeds.

Hard to believe with that snow pack outside, isn’t it?

Breakup, as we call the spring thaw in Alaska, happens fast. Once the sun passes the equinox, snow melts fast. And I will be forced to put writing on a back burner as I take advantage of our short summer. Short summer, but long daylight. There will not even be time for writing after sunset. I’ve been known to pull dandelions at midnight.

So cheer me on, now. While the snow keeps me tapping away at the keys. I’ve got the gardening itch.

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