Alaskan Romance

Works in Progress:

January Thaw

Risa Palmer, a kindergarten teacher in the Alaskan bush, must team up with newcomer, Alan Sikes, who is a suspect in recent kidnappings, in order to find a missing student.


70000 / 80000 (87.50%)

February Trust

To inherit a trust fund, Molly Silverton, seven months pregnant, proposes a marriage of convenience to an old classmate, only to discover she married the right man for the wrong reasons.


80000 / 80000 (100.00%)

March Breakup

A career-oriented lawyer, Deb Roberts, falls in love with her ailing mother’s physical therapist, Sterling Vaughn, but when she learns he kidnapped his own children from their drug-addict mother, she must choose between loyalty to love, and the ethics of her career.


77000 / 80000 (96.25%)

June Blaze

Maggie Richardson killed her entire family in a house fire, and desires only to be left alone to her alcoholic misery, but when Hunter Gray moves to her small town of Ninilchik, Alaska, cleaning up never sounded so good.


61000 / 80000 (76.25%)

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